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Falcon FMS facility monitoring appliance

RLE Technologies announces the release of new firmware for the Falcon FMS facility monitoring appliance. Firmware version 8.6.16 includes several new enhancements to the Falcon’s new interactive mapping features. A full list of changes is below.

Click here to download the new FMS firmware.


List of changes to FMS firmware v8.6.16:

8.6.11A Added enumerated support for modbus/snmp G628
8.6.12 Added enumerated for long modbus registers.
Changed the Icmp ping ip address set to not allow multicast pings.
8.6.13 Added map label to map for modbus enumerated points
8.6.14 Corrected falconegg.htm IP address
8.6.14A Added watchdog kick to ethernet packet processing
8.6.14B Corrected tcp stack for email/modbus buffer.
8.6.15 Move floor map and nest links to top of page
8.6.15A Added Falcon Nest Map
8.6.15B Changed Falcon Egg to include modbus/snmp units
8.6.15C Added pue 2&3 and modbus summary 1&2
8.6.15D Corrected/modified Modbus PSR web page
Addded modbus address info to top of Unit Status pages
8.6.15E Corrected tcp stack for email/modbus buffer.
8.6.15F Added Modbus PSR button to Modbus Unit Status page
8.6.16 Renamed 8.6.15F to 8.6.16

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