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RLE’s President, Jeremy Swanner, has joined BizWest’s CEO Roundtable.  This group is comprised of high-level officers of businesses with locations in Northern Colorado, including representatives from Broadcom, Intel, Colorado State University, Squarei Technologies, and Connecting Point.  The group meets monthly to discuss and share strategies regarding issues they and their companies face in this unique marketspace.

August’s roundtable discussion addressed challenges in recruiting and retaining employees.

Jeremy definitely found value in his participation, noting, “The NoCO Tech CEO’s Roundtable was a very informative meeting with leaders from mostly small business up and down the Front Range finding commonality around staffing issues.  These issues included recruiting methods, retaining methods, and providing competitive compensation including benefits.  The meeting was very well structured and kept to a clear time line.  Many of us are facing the same challenges in this geographical area and it was good to hear from peers and understand how they are addressing these issues.”

Jeremy looks forward to the knowledge that will be shared in future meetings, and know his involvement will be an asset to RLE.

“This group will help us better position RLE Technologies as a preferred Front Range tech employer.  We’re constantly challenged to recruit and retain good talent and to continue to offer the competitive wages and benefits that talented job-seekers desire.  I am looking forward to the future meetings and listening to others and their solutions, which I can bring back to RLE to discuss with our management team.  It was a pleasure to be invited and to be a part of this group.”


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