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Our popular LD1000 zone leak detection controller just got even better – it’s now Modbus enabled! With little to no maintenance and the reliability and quality you’ve come to appreciate and expect from RLE products, the LD1000 is the right fit for spaces where sensing cables and spot detectors are visible so leaks can easily be located.

The new Modbus feature allows you to integrate data and information from the LD1000 into a LD5200, LD2100, or your larger BMS system.  

The LD1000 now includes:

  • Local alarm annunciation and Modbus integration. Onboard audible and visible alarms and a Modbus output allow the LD1000 to notify users of leaks and faults in real time and deliver that information directly to a LD5200, LD2100, or a larger BMS system.
  • A single zone of up to 1,000 feet of our patented, durable leak detection. You choose whether you’d prefer to use spot detectors, leak detection cable, or a combination of the two.  The system quickly returns to normal status after sensing cable or spot detectors are wiped dry.
  • A supervised system, the controller continuously monitors the cable for leaks, breaks, and disconnects and sends an alarm notification when one is detected.

We’ve added Modbus to the LD1000 without raising the price of the unit.  That means you get improved communications and integration options at the same, affordable price point as the previous generation LD1000.

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