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No two leak detection applications are alike – that’s why RLE has developed a family of leak detection controllers, designed to fit a wide variety of applications.  Discover which product is right for you.

Zone leak detection is ideal for small, contained spaces, or for open areas where the path of a potential leak cannot be clearly defined.

Single zone leak detection controllers monitor one defined area of installed sensing cable or a combination of spot detectors and sensing cable. Single zone modules include the F200, LD1000, and LD310.

Multi-zone leak detection controllers have multiple inputs that accommodate sensing cable or spot detectors, and can detect leaks in several defined areas or zones. Multi-zone modules include the LDRA6.

Distance-read leak detection controllers are supervised systems that continuously monitor a length of cable for continuity and leaks. When a cable break, contamination, or leak is detected, the module calculates and annunciates the distance to the leak. This distance can then be cross-referenced with a cable reference map, or immediately located by accessing an interactive map in the leak detection appliance’s web interface.

Distance-read systems are particularly well suited for hidden areas where the location of a leak is difficult to visually identify, and applications that require leaks to be pinpointed quickly and accurately. Distance-read leak detection modules include the LD5200, LD2100, LD1500, and 10K.

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