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Are you puzzled by the hot spots in your data center?  In most data centers, like the one depicted in the chart below, cooling resources are overabundant but airflow is insufficiently distributed for rack-level cooling – which results in hot spots.

In situations like these, we recommend the HotSpotr.  The HotSpotr intelligent air mover can be used with any high-flow tile to increase cooling effectiveness in your data center. HotSpotr intelligent air movers deliver cooling to server racks and eliminate hot spots without depleting airflow required by other servers and rows within your facility. Using its included temperature sensors, the HotSpotr automatically maintains safe rack inlet temperatures, enhancing the effectiveness of your CRAC units.

Easy installation allows you to immediately eliminate hot spots and improve airflow.  HotSpotrs fit seamlessly into raised floor environments and are completely non-disruptive to other systems.  No server downtime or server rack movement is required for installation. Units use less than 127 mm (5”) of underfloor depth, eliminating the clutter of portable fans and spot coolers.

With HotSpotr, localized cooling and airflow is matched to individual rack heat loads in real-time, optimizing cooling energy while increasing efficiency and, most importantly, protecting your IT assets from server downtime. Contact us to learn more about the HotSpotr!


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