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RLE® Technologies, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, announces the release of the SeaHawk™ LD2100. The LD2100 is an update to the SeaHawk™ LD2000 controller and expands on its existing technology by improving several capabilities and introducing advanced new features.

Overview picture of the SeaHawk LD2100 leak detection controller
Seahawk LD2100

The LD2100 is a distance-read leak detection controller designed to function as either a stand-alone device or as one that integrates with existing building management, network management and building automation systems. The device signals accurate leak locations along up to 5,000 feet of SeaHawk™ sensing cable within seconds of detection. An image of a sensing cable reference map can be uploaded and configured in the LD2100’s user interface to identify the location of leaks as they occur. The user interface is web-accessible, which allows for off-site facility supervision.

The LD2100’s updates include: an increase of virtual and physical detection zones to 32; an LED dot-matrix display; communication ports that manage higher baud rates of up to 38,400; and an enhanced analog-to-digital converter. The LD2100 has visual, audible and direct notification alarms. Other notable features include a sophisticated user interface, adjustable leak, delay and contamination thresholds, and advanced authentication security controls.

The LD2100 is appropriate for use in data centers, clean rooms, telecommunication centers and other critical areas requiring equipment integrity and continuity. Any facility that requires a reliable leak detection solution to mitigate potential damage will benefit from the installation of the SeaHawk™ LD2100.

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About RLE Technologies

RLE Technologies is a leading provider of water leak detection and web-based monitoring appliances that enable businesses to protect mission-critical infrastructure and lower operating costs. The company’s wide range of monitoring solutions includes their patented SeaHawk™ Leak Detection products, Falcon™ Environmental Monitoring Systems, and Raptor™ Integration Solutions custom engineering. Extensive knowledge of communication protocols and emerging technologies has established RLE worldwide as an innovative solutions provider with industry-leading organizations.

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