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150card2Big birthdays require big celebrations, and we in Fort Collins should know.  The Fort is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, and residents are celebrating in a big way.

Thanks to our very own Rebecca Raymond, all Fort Collins residents had the opportunity to sign a birthday card for our fair city.  And as you can imagine, it’s one huge card.

You probably know Rebecca as our capable, reliable, and efficient Admin Assistant.  But you may not know that she is a very talented artist.  Rebecca specializes in multimedia artwork, which is featured on both her website and in her Etsy shop.

As a native or Fort Collins, when the opportunity to create a giant (and we mean giant – two sheets of plywood each of them 4′ x 8′) birthday card for the city arose, Rebecca jumped at the chance.

rebecca cardThe Board of Fort Collins’s Downtown Business Association requested one large card to showcase at their annual New West Fest.  Their idea was that folks visiting the fest, some 100,000 over the course of a weekend, could have one centralized spot to share their birthday wishes for our great city.  Inspired by her hometown, Rebecca obtained authentic photos from the Fort Collins Archival Museum, incorporated imagery from the iconic brick construction in Old Town, and made sure to leave plenty of room for well wishes.

Coloradoans rose to the challenge, and filled up the card with signatures and notes of congratulations.  Rebecca had her picture taken with the card early in the weekend.  “It has a few more signatures on it now!” she notes with a grin.

The card has been moved to its more permanent location, as a central piece of the Fort Collins 150 exhibit in the Woodward Special Exhibits Gallery at The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

Thank you Rebecca for your hard work and donation to Fort Collins’s 150th Birthday Celebration!




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