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Monitor Temperature and Humidity Via Your Wi-Fi Network

As Wi-Fi technology evolves to become cheaper, more reliable, and more secure, we’ve noticed that many of our customers are using Wi-Fi to power their networks.  RLE Technologies has noticed this emerging trend as well and has developed the WIFI-TH, a wireless temperature and humidity sensor that leverages an existing Wi-Fi network to communicate with a building management system.

Seven Year Battery Life

RLE’s NEW WIFI-TH is both wireless and battery powered.  No wires are required for power; no wires are required for transmission.  The sensors can be mounted anywhere, anytime, without the added expenses of running cabling or hiring an electrician.  RLE’s Wi-Fi sensors are compact, unobtrusive, and provide an industry leading battery life – sensor batteries will last up to seven years at room temperatures.

Easy to Integrate

The signal from a WIFI-TH sensor can be pulled into a wide range of monitoring devices, so whether you’re using RLE’s WiNG-MGR or a BMS, the WIFI-TH can quickly integrate into your platform:

  • WIFI-TH readings populate seamlessly into the WiNG-MGR’s user interface, which also provides an optional calculated dew point reading.
  • If you’re using a BMS, the WIFI-TH transmits temperature and humidity information to your BMS via the existing Wi-Fi network.

Designed With Security in Mind

While IT departments may be hesitant to add wireless devices, it will ease their mind to know that these sensors were designed with security in mind:

  • The sensors only allow one-way communications, so there is no risk they could be hacked remotely.
  • RLE’s Wi-Fi sensors fully support industry standard WPA/WPA2‑PSK encryption.
  • The WIFI-TH features encrypted data storage for network and configuration information.

Available to Ship Today!

Facilities worldwide are using data provided by RLE’s WIFI-TH to monitor for changes in temperature and humidity, meet efficiency goals, maintain optimal equipment performance parameters, and anticipate equipment failures and prevent downtime.  The WIFI-TH is in stock and ready to ship today!

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