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Unique Challenges Face Higher Ed FMs

Ray Parpart, Director for Data Center Strategies and Operations, University of Chicago, and Jay Harris,  Director of Data Center Services and Facilities, Clemson University, joined us on April 1 to talk about the unique challenges and scenarios they face as data center professionals in College and University campus environments.

One of our biggest takeaways? FMs and data center managers in higher ed face a complex and varied list of challenges that are truly unique to their campus environments.

Ray Parpart – “Literally, I want to monitor it all.”

Ray wants complete oversight and everything needs to fed into his DCiM.  Plus, he’s not excited about anything wireless. How did RLE’s WiNG platform change his mind and meet all his needs?


Jay Harris – “I’m trying to treat a dinosaur.”

Jay has an old, architecturally interesting building with a lot of stranded areas – including the home of his network cabinets – that are difficult to get airflow to.  How did RLE’s airflow management products help improve airflow and efficiency in his facilities?


The Q & A

Ray and Jay took time to answer some great question from our audience, including:

“What are your concerns about wireless and how has RLE’s system helped you overcome those concerns?”
Hint: Ray’s “Coming over to the dark side a little bit.”


We hope you enjoyed these clips from our higher ed webinar. If you’re interested in the complete recording of the webinar, you can view it on our Vimeo channel.

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