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Strategic acquisition will enable critical facility monitoring and leak detection leader to diversify offerings with addition of data center airflow optimization and underfloor cooling solutions

Denver and Fort Collins, CO – April 19, 2017RLE Technologies, a leading provider of web-based monitoring solutions and leak detection systems for mission-critical facilities, formally announced today the acquisition from NxGen of Triad Floors, a prominent manufacturer of data center floor tiles and effective airflow solutions. The transaction was approved by the Boards of Directors of both companies on April 10, 2017.

The acquisition adds a new level of diversity to RLE Technologies’ product portfolio, which has become an industry leader in the protection of data centers and other mission critical facilities through environmental threat detection and web-based monitoring solutions. The firm will now provide a wide variety of raised floor data center solutions, including Triad’s patented high-flow panels, as well as a number of additional airflow and cooling improvement options which help customers achieve  industry-leading data center Air Utilization Efficiency (AUE) scores. Triad Floors is also the creator of the River Cooling System, which provides reductions of up to 40% in data center cooling energy costs by replacing ineffective airflow systems with improved Fluid Dynamics Management.

The genesis of the acquisition comes from a strategic planning process RLE Technologies underwent in 2016, which resulted in a restructuring of the firm’s management team. It also identified revenue diversification as a new primary goal for the company, and the purchase of Triad Floors will go far to add an array of complimentary offerings for the data center and mission critical space. Both firms are based in Colorado and manufacture their products in the state.

“The combination of RLE Technologies and Triad Floors presents a significant opportunity to better protect data centers worldwide,” said Jeremy Swanner, President of RLE Technologies. “Triad Floors has built its reputation as data center cooling and airflow systems experts for more than 10 years. With this announcement, RLE Technologies is able to provide data center owners and operators with a more diverse set of solutions to help them maintain uptime in the future.”

As part of the agreement, all current Triad Floors employees will be retained in their present roles. Gary Meyer, the founder and owner of both NxGen and Triad Floors, will be intimately involved in the transition, future company growth and new product development. Tim Hirschenhofer, the new Senior Vice President of Triad Floors will be responsible for business development and operations. An industry veteran, Hirschenhofer brings more than 15 years of experience in data center airflow and energy optimization to his new position.

“As technology continues to integrate into our professional and personal lives, the ability to protect the infrastructure that keeps it running becomes even more paramount,” said Gary Meyer, founder and owner of NxGen/Triad Floors. “By leveraging the combined solutions and capacity of RLE Technologies and Triad Floors, the data center industry is in a much better position to accomplish this important goal. I look forward to seeing the tremendous growth opportunities that this combination will provide both domestically and abroad as well as the new technologies that will emerge from this partnership.”

About RLE Technologies
RLE Technologies is a leading global provider of critical facility oversight and notification. For more than 30 years, RLE has delivered facility monitoring and leak detection technologies that prevent disasters, preserve our customer’s reputations, and provide peace of mind. Our portfolio includes a variety of solutions to accomplish these important goals: SeaHawk for Leak Detection, Falcon for Facility Monitoring, Raptor for System Integration, and our RLE Services. Thousands of customers world-wide rely on RLE products to detect threats, notify stakeholders, and mitigate risks to their critical sensitive environments.

Additional information can be found at http://www.rletech.com


About Triad Floors

Founded in 2003, Triad Raised Floor Company provides a full suite of airflow and raised floor panels, hot/cold aisle containment solutions, and blanking panels that are designed to increase cooling, lower costs, and maintain uptime for the data center industry.

In response to the need for an efficient cooling panel that would fit into new or existing raised access floor systems, Triad Floors created the passive River Cooling System. This innovative design increases server airflow density while remedying data center and server farm hotspot challenges.

Triad Floors guarantees that they can fit any raised floor design without modification to the existing raised floor system and all of the company’s design, manufacturing and distribution is proudly done in Colorado. Triad Floors also administers a global distribution network to provide rapid response and support anywhere in the world.

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