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RLE Technologies Receives Patent for Embedded Mapping in Nested Facility Management Devices

Latest patent awarded for innovative mapping and nesting features that employ a distributed monitoring model in facility management systems

RLE Nesting and Mapping Patent
RLE Nesting and Mapping Patent

FORT COLLINS, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– RLE Technologies, a leading provider of web-based monitoring solutions and leak detection systems for mission-critical facilities, announced today that it has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its Facilities Management System. This newly patented technology provides a highly interactive, visual representation of the facilities, sites, and equipment monitored by RLE environmental monitoring devices.

U.S. Patent No. 9,420,042, entitled “Facilities Management System” and marketed by RLE Technologies as Delta View, encompasses both the unique nesting feature currently used in RLE Technologies’ Falcon product line as well as the interactive mapping feature used in both the Falcon and SeaHawk product lines. Nesting allows a system of facilities management devices and sensors to be networked through linked map images. The visual links change state to report the existence of alarm conditions. This allows users to quickly analyze data from their connected equipment and immediately locate the sensor or networked hardware that has activated the alarm. The innovative technology integrates various management systems and communications protocols and provides a wide range of options for facility managers as their monitoring needs expand.


The new patent also covers the mapping technology found in both the Falcon monitoring system and a variety of RLE Technologies’ leak detection solutions. Interactive mapping allows users to upload a graphic (such as a facility map) to the facility management system and pinpoint the location of their monitoring tools which can include sensors, leak detection cable points, and other hardware devices. When alerts from these devices and points are activated, facility managers have a clear idea where the alarm is located and can rapidly respond to and address the problem.

“As critical facilities continue to grow in size and complexity, difficulties in their accurate and timely monitoring have been compounded,” said Don Raymond, Chief Technology Officer of RLE Technologies and co-inventor of the new system. “The distributed monitoring model within the Delta View nesting technology allows one facility monitoring system to be the single pane of glass for thousands of other linked monitoring systems, all of which have mapping capabilities. This allows facility managers to quickly identify which device is the source when an alarm occurs and gives them the opportunity to solve a problem before it can cause downtime.”

Don Raymond is one of the founding partners of RLE Technologies and has been developing new techniques and products to protect mission critical facilities for more than 30 years. In pursuit of this goal, he has been awarded nine patents.

About RLE Technologies

RLE Technologies is a leading global provider of critical facility oversight and notification. For decades, RLE has delivered facility monitoring and leak detection technologies that prevent disasters, preserve our customer’s reputation, and provide peace of mind. Thousands of customers world-wide rely on RLE products to detect threats, notify stakeholders, and mitigate risks to their critical sensitive environments.

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