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Greetings and Happy Holidays from RLE!

polarplungeIt’s upon us – the most wonderful time of the year, filled with hot cocoa, snowmen, and visions of Chris Pullen taking a very icy dip into Horsetooth.  Yep.  You read that right.  We’re gearing up for one heck of a Polar Plunge at RLE.

Every day we come to work and help prevent disasters.  We’re all aware of how damaging a water leak can be, and we’re so proud to use a robust, reliable, patented product to help preserve our customer’s reputations and provide them peace of mind.

But around the world people struggle with a water crisis of an entirely different nature.  663 million people – 1 in 10 – lack access to safe water.  Globally more people have a mobile phone than have access to proper sanitation. The one thing we work to keep out of peoples’ environments – water – is the one thing that can revolutionize life in many villages around the globe.

This year we’re giving back.  We’ve started a charity:water campaign (https://donate.charitywater.org/rle-technologies/rle-technologies-polar-plunge) with a goal of $10,000.  That’s enough to fund one complete water project that will provide safe water and effective sanitation to one village.  Our donation will radically change the lives of a community that has petitioned for a water project.  Take a look at this infographic from charity:water :

We know every little bit helps and we’d love for you to participate too.  If you’ll take the plunge and participate, our execs will take the plunge too.

plunge2If we raise $10,000 our President, Chris Pullen, will do a Polar Plunge into our local Horsetooth Reservior.  If you’re in the area you’re welcome to join us and watch all the fun live. We’ll have one heck of a party to go along with the Plunge. Of course we’ll photo and video the event so if you’re remote you can replay and enjoy the festivities again and again.

And it gets even better.  This seems like a “the more the merrier” type of event and we’d like as many folks in Horsetooth as possible.  If you make a contribution to the campaign of $1,000 or more you can choose a member of our Management Team or Sales Department to take the Plunge with Chris You can pool resources with friends, co-workers, or relatives.  Just let us know who’s contributing as a part of your group so we’ll know when you reach that $1,000 mark.  Don’t you think Jeremy Swanner and Don Raymond would look great floating out there with Chris?

Visit our charity:water campaign page at https://donate.charitywater.org/rle-technologies/rle-technologies-polar-plunge and donate with us to spread the cheer and goodwill!

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