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As you install your leak detection system, we would like to highlight some of our accessories that can make your job easier and your leak detection system more effective.



X-Connector for easy cable branching (two end-of-line terminators are included)

The X-Connector (X-CON) allows for branching of SeaHawk sensing cable and non-sensing cable. With one input and three outputs, the X-CON addresses the need for multi-directional cable runs. Each of the three outputs has a built-in weighted cable connector to simulate 50 feet (15.24m) of sensing cable and provide for enhanced leak location identification. The X-CON includes two end-of-line (EOL) terminators. It does not affect the read accuracy, although it does add 50 ft. (15.24m) to the overall cable length for each output used.

Weighted Cable Connector

Weighted cable connector simulates 50 ft. (15.24m) of leak detection cable

The weighted cable connector (WCCS) simulates 50 feet (15.24m) of sensing cable. It provides a distinct separation between sections of sensing cable for enhanced leak location identification and is most commonly used between floors or rooms.

Sensing Cable Adapter Kit

Adapter kit for sensing or non-sensing cable

Did you just discover that the sensing cable or non-sensing cable has been installed incorrectly, and a male connector is where a female connector should be (or vice-versa)? Rather than having to undo all the work that has already been done, use the sensing cable adapter kit. It contains one male/male and one female/female connector and eliminates the need to remove and reinstall cable.

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