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When you’re setting up a leak-detection system, you might overlook a simple but crucial component of that system: the power supply.

Finding a cord to plug in your system sounds like a no-brainer, but be sure you choose an isolated power supply to avoid system errors.

RLE can provide you with an appropriate power supply, or you can use any variety of power supplies that provide magnetic isolation for the power coming in to your unit. Isolated power supplies create a barrier that prevents “noise” or “dirty power” from coming through to your leak-detection control panel and spot detectors.

If you use a non-isolated power supply, you’ll see two types of problems:

  • Loop grounding: The supply is creating a coupling action, which means the power is drained away and never gets to the unit.
  • Noisy power: Also known as “dirty” power; if this unstable power gets through unfiltered, it will create erratic or false readings — or no alarms at all — in the leak-detection system.

Whether you get your power supply from RLE or another provider, be sure you’re providing clean, stable power to your leak-detection system.


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