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While our patented sensing cable virtually eliminates false alarms from contamination, proper installation can further decrease the chances of false alarms. False alarms that signal a contamination or leak cause unnecessary hassle to the people who must respond to them. And like the story about the boy who cried wolf, false alarms can desensitize your monitoring and support staff to real problems.

Contractors and personnel who install your leak-detection system can avoid getting your staff worked up over nothing if they follow these simple tips:

  • When installing leak-detection cable, avoid running the cable under floor areas that receive heavy foot traffic for maintenance.
  • Lay the cable four to six feet away from air-conditioning down drafts. To test for a down draft, use your hands to feel the strength of the draft as you move away from the AC unit.
  • After a cable is installed and while the system is not signaling an alarm, perform a leak-alarm test at the beginning, middle and end of the cable. Confirm that readings are correct on distance-read panels.

Following these guidelines will make your leak-detection system more reliable.


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