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Water damage caused by leaks can cause serious damage over time if not treated. Water damage can cause all sorts of problems to data centers and mission critical facilities, and if not caught in time by water leak detectors, can cost these businesses millions of dollars worth of damage.  Behind electrical failure, water leaks are the most common reasons for data loss. These are all things checked by building inspectors when people are purchasing or leasing a building for business purposes. This is why you’ll often see the most thorough building inspectors with water leakage detection equipment.

Not Insured And Irreplaceable

Water damage also may not be covered by business insurance policies. Even if it were covered, the loss of data would not be able to be replaced, and no monetary amount would act as compensation for its loss. Water leakage detection equipment has become very affordable in recent years, and it may pay for owners to consider purchasing a leak detection system for their data centers. At the very least people should consider regularly hiring a company that specializes in leak detection to use their leak detection equipment for routine checks. Whatever the price for buying reliable water leak detection equipment, or hiring a company that provides it, it will more than pay for itself if it detects leaks early.

Data centers and mission critical facilities have their own unique concerns when it comes to leaks. Much like the special electrical safeguards in place to prevent system failures, the water leak detection equipment is also custom made for dealing with these specialized work spaces. Most water detection systems allow for comprehensive detection of multiple leaks. These are better for covering larger areas and for more effective targeting when finding the location of the leak becomes critical.

Leak Detection Cables

For most facilities, leak detection cables are recommended in conjunction with a more comprehensive leak detection strategy. These cables are flexible and easy to install. They are integration friendly and quick to reset. But most of all, the cables can be adjusted to alarm with varying ranges of water. Leak detection cables not only protect systems and data, but they prevent mold from growing and keep insurance costs down.

When these cables are combined with other water leak detecting equipment, like zone leak detection panels, spot detectors and other components, they can form a very powerful, and potentially money saving water leak detection system. The loss of critical data can be devastating to a business, and no amount of money can bring it back once destroyed. By using a good water leak detecting system a company can have the peace of mind knowing that equipment is safe.

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