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The RLE Technologies Preferred Partner Program is a community of RLE supported resellers that are committed to providing a focused marketing, sales, and support effort for RLE products with the goal of driving higher revenue and profitability for both organizations.

The RLE Technologies Preferred Partner program is ideal for resellers and engineering firms that consistently pitch airflow and raised floor products, critical facility monitoring, and leak detection solutions to their customer base. Preferred Partners aggressively seek out new opportunities and drive the highest discount levels in their sales.

To qualify for the Preferred Partner program, a Partner must complete a Preferred Partner Contract, agree to periodic business plan reviews with RLE representatives, represent and make searchable RLE’s products on your website, and maintain at least a $30,000 annual revenue level with RLE.

Key Advantages

  • Lead Referral - RLE will refer inbound leads to Preferred Partners as appropriate based on geographical coverage and partner capabilities.
  • Project Registration - Designed to protect your business interests, opportunities you create, and efforts to sell RLE products, as well as provide a financial incentive for projects you nurture.
  • Marketing Co-Op Funding - RLE can contribute personnel, resources, and or funds to Preferred Partners to offset marketing efforts that promote RLE products.
  • Sales and Technical Training - RLE will train your team to keep them up to date on RLE products and their applications.
  • Sales Incentives - RLE will provide incentives to your sales staff for promoting and selling our products. These incentives may be in the form of physical prizes or cash for reaching sales milestones. Incentive programs must be agreed upon by both the partner management team and RLE.
  • Discounted RLE Product Demo Kits - Preferred Partners will be able to purchase these valuable sales and marketing tools at a significantly discounted rate.
  • Advance Product Launches - Partners receive early notification of product launches.
  • Regular Updates from RLE Technologies - These updates will come directly from our sales and management teams and provide valuable insights into the state of the industry, new RLE initiatives, and product roadmap information.
  • Website Reciprocity - Once the RLE logo and RLE products are well represented on your website, we'll include your company logo on our Preferred Partner listing, as well as a targeted link to drive customers to the RLE content on your website.


  • Signed and executed Preferred Partner contract on file at RLE
  • Engagement in webinars and product updates from RLE’s sales team
  • Periodic business plan reviews
  • RLE logo on your website
  • RLE products visible & searchable on your website


Preferred Partners participants receive support need to find new business and the best possible discount required to win the work. To become an RLE Technologies Preferred Partner, contact us. If you are an RLE Partner and would like to upgrade your reseller status to that of a Preferred Partner, please contact your RLE representative or call 800.518.1519.

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