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A Building Management System (BMS) is a powerful tool leveraged by facility managers to monitor and control equipment and the environment within a building. The single-pane-of-glass view a BMS provides is an invaluable asset to any enterprise.

RLE Technologies understands the immense value a BMS provides an organization, so much so that they’ve designed a new line of panel-mount monitoring devices that integrate into any BMS. These new BMS modules use protocols to communicate directly with any Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP system.

“When we developed the BMS products, our main engineering goal was to make them as simple and as straightforward as possible,” says RLE’s Senior Firmware Engineer Ryan Clemens. “Many customers love the power, flexibility and value of our WiNG Manager, LDRA6 or FMS products. They make integrating with any many types of sensors and BMS systems easy and fast, however not everyone needs the flexibility these higher end products provide. For customers who are looking to add monitoring to legacy equipment or other equipment that was not designed with BMS systems in mind, we’ve designed a new line of products that easily integrate into an RS-485 based Bacnet or Modbus trunk.”

How the devices integrate is important as well. Clemens continues, “An important feature of the BMS devices is that in addition to standard Modbus RTU, they also support Bacnet MSTP over an RS-485 serial connection. Bacnet’s a much more advanced protocol that allows for device and data point auto discovery, which makes it easier to pull the information into your BMS system.”

RLE’s new BMS modules make RLE’s sensor technology readily accessible and seamlessly integrateable to an entirely new segment of customers. RLE’s BMS products are in stock and ready to ship today!

  • BMS-WiNG – Easily integrate up to 50 of RLE’s WiNG wireless sensors into a BMS. RLE’s WiNG sensor line is continually expanding and will soon include airflow and differential pressure sensors, in addition to a sensor line that already includes temperature, temp/humidity/dew point, leak detection, and analog or digital input sensors.   – Learn more –


  • BMS-LD3Z – Protect a facility from costly water damage with 3 zones of leak detection monitoring. Perfect for routing around CRAC units, generators or other equipment that is prone to leaks.   – Learn more –


  • BMS-1WIRE – Quickly add up to 8 plug-and-play wired temperature or temperature and humidity sensors. RLE’s 1-wire sensors are a cost-effective way to monitor for overheating or excessive humidity conditions in equipment that you otherwise would not be able to monitor with a BMS.   – Learn more –

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