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Server Room & Facility Monitoring Equipment

At RLE, we believe your monitoring solution should fit your facility; not the other way around. Our wired and wireless monitoring solutions are infinitely flexible and vendor and integration neutral – so we can tailor a solution to fit your application.


Stand-alone, web-enabled monitoring and notification for critical facilities.

F200 DRM for Facility Monitoring Installation

F200 DRM

Use this bracket to quickly and securely mount a F200 on a 35mm DIN rail.


Monitor temperature, humidity, digital inputs, and leak detection sensing cable.


Use protocols to integrate eight temp and humidity sensors directly into a BMS.

A Card, for use as an addition to a FMS unit. Supplies an additional 12 analog inputs and 8 relay outputs.

FMS Expansion Card A

Add an additional 12 analog inputs and 8 relay outputs to an FMS.

C Card, for use as an addition to a FMS unit. Supplies an additional 24 digital NO or NC inputs.

FMS Expansion Card C

Add an additional 24 digital inputs (normally open or normally closed) to an FMS.

F200 PoE Kit, Assembled

F200 PoE Kit

Power over ethernet (PoE) connector kit for use with the F200.

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