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Article contributed by Michael Hadt.  You can reach Mike at [email protected].

As They Say, “You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure”

Schools and universities, hospitals, industrial plants, commercial buildings, and data centers use data to drive comfort, visibility, and safety. Though wireless monitoring can be easy, the data is only valuable if something is done with that data. You need to ask yourself, “What data am I measuring?

RLE’s WiNG wireless monitoring systems enable opportunities for critical protection, alarm management and control optimization with Niagara 4.

Let’s take a look at a short video around how Building Controls Group integrates WiNG with N4. We walk through the discovery of BACnet IP points, visualize data in graphics and create trend logs with alarms. Though these are the basics, they are critical to every project.

“With almost a million instances of Niagara software controlling different systems around the globe, we wanted to show how to leverage an existing instance of N4 technology to enable functionality. Creating new value for that original investment. RLE Technologies leads in mission critical protection. We like how we fit into these markets and how powerful our wireless technology is.”, Mike Hadt.

The Ability To Improve How A System Operates Starts With Understanding What’s Happening In The Environment

RLE’s WIFI-TH has been used to collect T/H data to operate classroom fan coil units, while the WiNG-THRM has been connected to pipe strap sensors to provide supply and return temperature values to improve heating/cooling efficiencies. Both scenarios enabled an outcome that involved other mechanical systems. Those outcomes were only possible because someone recognized the opportunity for that data.

Today, fresh air delivered to different spaces is something people want to accomplish based on space utilization patterns. Here are several questions to ask yourself:

  • When humidity levels decrease due to weather changes, what impact will it have on the 40/60 rule to minimize VOC’s?
  • Do all the spaces have the ability to increase humidity or increase the number of air changes in a room?
  • Who is watching this data?
  • Should a specific threshold be broken, what is the mechanism for action?
  • Do you know your CO2 levels?

RLE’s WiNG wireless monitoring is a complete set of wireless sensors and transmitters that create immediate visibility and can be easily deployed to solve problems. What data do you want to measure?


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