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Introducing WiNG-CO2 and SD-RO2. RLE has added two new products to our portfolio – a wireless carbon dioxide sensor and a spot detector with two relay outputs and audible and LED alarms.

  • The WiNG-CO2 is the newest addition to the WiNG wireless line of environmental monitoring products.  The WiNG-CO2 is a wireless carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that can be added to any existing WiNG system or purchased with a WiNG-MGR or BMS-WiNG to monitor CO2 levels in any environment.
    WiNG-CO2 Sensor ImageThe CO2 module we use in the WiNG-CO2 sensor is self-calibrating, zero maintenance, and features:

    • Range of 0-2000 PPM
    • Accuracy up to 30 PPM
    • Selectable CO2 measurement interval
    • 15 year CO2 sensor life expectancy

    The versatility of the WiNG-CO2 makes it a perfect fit for a variety of applications including:

    • Tracking building air quality
    • Monitoring HVAC systems
    • Counting indoor human occupancy
    • Monitoring horticulture facilities and greenhouses

Click here to read the WiNG-CO2 datasheet.

  • The SD-RO2 is an innovative addition to our spot detector product line. The SD-RO2 is our only spot detector to feature and LED and audible alarm for local alarm annunciation,  so staff in the vicinity of the SD-RO2 immediately see and hear an alert when a leak is detected.  Plus it has two relay outputs so you can integrate it into a larger BMS or DCiM for alarm notification.
    RLE's SD-RO2 Spot DetectorSpot detectors are ideal for small spaces, and are the most economical way to detect fluids in confined areas, such as condensation drip pans.

Click here to read the SD-RO2 datasheet.

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