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Now, more than ever, employees and students are working and studying remotely. Historically residences are occupied 30% to 50% of the day however in these uncertain times residential condos and apartments have seen their daily occupancies increased to 70% to 100%.

This means up to 75% more water management is necessary for these living spaces.

More people working out of their homes will likely cause an unexpected impact on building maintenance issues and operations, especially in high-rise buildings.

Count on increased showers, more laundry services, additional meals prepped, and exponentially more toilet flushes every day. Most buildings were built to expect X amount of water management within a traditional work week. With current social and physical distancing, buildings will experience an increased burden. The additional consumption (and consequently for others minimal consumption) will impact these facilities in different ways. Unfortunately, some of those impacts will come at a cost of burst pipes and water damage.

So, what does this mean for facility managers? 

RLE cannot prevent your aged plumbing infrastructure from leaking, but we can provide an immediate notification when a leak is detected, allowing your Risk Mitigation Plan to go into motion. That plan will look different for each facility manager. For some, that means an email alarm notification. For others, it means tripping a water valve to shut off water flow to the affected area. What’s your Risk Mitigation Plan?

One thing is for sure: it’s bad when water damage occurs to an isolated space, but it’s devastating when an issue that could have been monitored, was not, and now impacts the building’s occupants and daily operations. Not to mention impact your insurance premiums.

RLE’s SeaHawk Leak Detection Solutions product line is purpose-built to provide unparalleled protection against any form of conductive fluid leak that might threaten your facility. The line includes fluid sensing cable to protect large areas and spot detectors for isolated locations, as well as the monitoring devices and accessories to support them.

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We can help guide you along the way.

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