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After 30 years in the leak detection industry, we've just about seen it all.  That's how we've come to develop our superior products, our expertise for leak detection system design, and our bank of knowledge that makes us the leader in our industry.

One lesson we've learned over time?  Sometimes less is more.  Don't get us wrong - our orange water leak detection sensing cable is the best.  Period.  If you've got a leak, that cable will find it, let you know, and quickly dry so it's ready to detect the next leak.

But sometimes you have a small contained area you'd like to monitor, and sensing cable provides more coverage - or bulk - than you actually need.  Like if you're monitoring a condensation drip pan for water.  Or if you want to know if there's water right smack in your floor drain.  If you're monitoring a small confined space for leaks, a spot detector can be the right tool for that job.

Now we are going to add a caveat here.  Water is sneaky.  You may think you know where it's headed, and at just that last minute, it slips to the right or left, and sneaks by that spot detector unnoticed.  That's why we recommend only installing spot detectors in small, confined areas where the water will pile up once it leaks, and not slip past that spot detector and escape into the great unknown.  Encapsulating that larger, more open area of concern?  That's a job for our leak detection sensing cable.  But in those small confined areas?  Spot detectors are a great, affordable way to monitor for leaks.

In fact, spot detectors do such a good job monitoring those small confined spaces for leaks we've developed four distinct spot detectors.  Each fills its own role and works with its own unique set of circumstances and controllers.  Some wire into leak detection controllers, one works inline with our sensing cables, and one is designed to work with our FMS.  This variety of product allow us the flexibility to design a unique leak detection system that will actively monitor for and annunciate the presence of liquid leaks in your facility.

So take a look at our complete spot detector and leak detection product offering.  If you're unsure where to start, our SeaHawk Product Matrix is a great start.  And if you have questions?  Let us know.  We're always happy to lend a helping hand.

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