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The Reason

Getting out of the office and interacting with our peers, partners, and potential customers – and seeing our products in action – are some of RLE’s favorite things to do.

We have a pretty good grasp on what the general public needs in the way of facility monitoring and leak detection, but listening to the actual stories and situations means that we are able to offer the best possible solutions and service for your emerging needs.

This desire to build relationships and find opportunities to better ourselves is one of the main reasons that we love to attend conferences. The next one on our calendar is the International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA’s) World Workplace 2013 conference.

The Place

From October 2-4, 2013, RLE will gather in Philadelphia with thousands of other experts and knowledge-seekers to discuss (and show off) our advancements in the fields related to facility management.

This annual conference is a chance for people and companies like RLE to talk about, not just the mechanics of protecting and monitoring your critical facilities, but also the wider impact of effective environmental monitoring in the context of the entire business world.

The Topic

RLE understands how important an effortlessly functioning workplace is. You’re there to do your own job, to serve your own customers, to accomplish your own goals.

You’re not there to worry about whether your HVAC is leaking or if the temperature in your data center is spiking. You’re certainly not there to go wading when your HVAC leaks anyway or your sprinkler system mistakenly floods the hallways.

Protecting your critical environments is what RLE is here for, and the painless safety (and dryness) of your workplace is what we’ll be talking about at Booth 536.

The BoothIf you happen to find yourself in the vicinity, drop by RLE’s booth and see the solutions we have in store for you. We will be giving you a chance to test out our patented leak detection cable (does the word “squirt-gun” sound like we’re worth a visit?).

We’ll also be demonstrating our new F200 monitoring appliance, which is the perfect solution for smaller facilities.  It’s the first device of its kind to not only monitor any number of environmental sensors, but also to include a zone of leak detection as well.

We’ll also have representatives available to talk to you about our entire SeaHawk line of scalable leak detection products for larger facilities with multiple locations. Just keep an eye out for the man with the waders. (No, we’re not kidding. His name is Nick and he’s a very nice guy).

To sweeten the pot, we’ll be giving away a bunch of prizes to remind you that water sports belong in the great outdoors, not your office. Stop by for a free fishing bobber and a chance to win everything from umbrellas to flash drives to Cabela’s gift cards.

After all, just because we don’t think you should be able to fish in your conference room doesn’t mean we don’t think you should be able to fish at all.

The Storytelling

Give us a heads up if you’ll be joining us – we look forward to seeing you – or if you’d like to know more about any of our products.

And since we collect stories, we’d also love to hear your tales of workplace monitoring woe or triumph. What other problems can RLE help you solve?

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