• FMS Expansion Card C (1)

FMS Expansion Card C

Expansion cards allow users to expand the capabilities of their FMS Facilities Monitoring System.

Can I Add An Expansion Card To My FMS?

Expansion cards can be added to an FMS at any time – if you order an FMS from the factory with expansion cards, the FMS will ship with the expansion cards installed.  If you have an FMS at your facility that has available unoccupied expansion cards slots, you can order just the cards and install them yourself.  Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the FMS User Guide.

  • A 1U FMS has room for one expansion card.
  • A 2U FMS has room for three expansion cards.

What Functionality Would You Like To Add?

Expansion card C adds:

  • 24 digital NO or NC inputs

Expansion Card C

1U FMS accommodates 1 expansion card; 2U FMS accommodates up to 4 expansion cards

24V Falcon requires EXP-x-24 option cards; 48V Falcon requires EXP-x-48 option cards

  • EXP-C-24 or EXP-C-48: 24 digital normally open or normally closed dry contact inputs, 3000VAC RMS optically isolated (common ground or individual ground)

Product Documentation Links

Technical Resources

  • User Guide – FMS – Directions for installing an expansion card in an FMS are found in Appendix A.
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