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Facility Monitoring Products

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Wired humidity sensor with 2%RH accuracy.
Compatible with the FMS.


Wired gas sensor – detects hydrogen. Compatible with the FMS, F200, and Wi-MGR.

MD3 motion sensor


Wired motion detector. Compatible with the FMS, F200, and WiNG-MGR.


Wired magnetic door sensor. Compatible with the FMS, F200, and WiNG-MGR.

SMK - wired photoelectric smoke detector


Wired photoelectric smoke detector. Use with the FMS, F200, and WiNG-MGR.

Power Fail Monitor

Power Fail Monitor

Detects and alarms at a loss of utility power. Use with the FMS, F200, & WiNG-MGR.

Split core current transducer

Current Transducers

Wired, large load, single phase, split core CTs.  Compatible with the FMS.

branch circuit monitor with electrical load balancing


Wired branch circuit monitors w/ electrical load mgmt. Use with the FMS.

wired power transducer

Power Meters

Three-phase networked (Modbus RTU) power meters. Use with the FMS.


An extra boost for WiNG signals in complex environments.

WiNG-RXT PoE Kit, Assembled


Power over ethernet (PoE) connector kit for use with the WiNG-RXT.

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