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Sweet Home Colorado RLE’s like a family, and while we love to travel – seeing familiar faces and making connections with new customers – it’s always fun when the whole crew is together under one roof.  Our sales staff has recently returned from Vegas where we exhibited at Data Center World, AFCOM’s spring 2013 conference.  … Continued

As 2012 wraps up, we’re planning ahead for 2013.  One of our most important tasks this month – planning our 2013 trade show schedule.  Some of the key factors we kept in mind included: Where is the show located? We wanted to make sure we visited shows in a wide variety of geographic locations. We’re … Continued

For me, this month has been filled with changes – I’m in a new job, with a new company, transitioning to a new city.  With so many new experiences, it’s nice to be able to make a stop at a show I’ve attended before – Data Center World.  I’ve enjoyed my trips to Data Center World in the … Continued

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