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RLE Technologies attended AFCOM’s Data Center World in Orlando, Florida earlier this month. The annual conference allowed for industry leaders to connect with associates, sharing technology and business challenges. Equipped with monitoring, leak detection, and airflow solutions; RLE connected with both established and new industry peers answering questions and providing solutions for their mission critical … Continued

Sweet Home Colorado RLE’s like a family, and while we love to travel – seeing familiar faces and making connections with new customers – it’s always fun when the whole crew is together under one roof.  Our sales staff has recently returned from Vegas where we exhibited at Data Center World, AFCOM’s spring 2013 conference.  … Continued

As 2012 wraps up, we’re planning ahead for 2013.  One of our most important tasks this month – planning our 2013 trade show schedule.  Some of the key factors we kept in mind included: Where is the show located? We wanted to make sure we visited shows in a wide variety of geographic locations. We’re … Continued

For me, this month has been filled with changes – I’m in a new job, with a new company, transitioning to a new city.  With so many new experiences, it’s nice to be able to make a stop at a show I’ve attended before – Data Center World.  I’ve enjoyed my trips to Data Center World in the … Continued

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