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Zone Leak Detection Controllers

When should you choose a zone controller?

If you need to protect a small area against fluid leaks, a zone controller may be the solution for you.

These cost effective controllers notify you almost instantly when any conductive fluid touches an attached RLE sensing cable or spot detector. In a small space where your sensing cable is easily visible, you can quickly locate the leak and take action before the leak causes any damage.

Not sure where to start?

The SeaHawk Product Matrix is a great resource for those that may not be sure which RLE product best suits their needs.


Zone leak detection and facility monitoring in one plug-and-play package.


Use protocols to integrate three zones of leak detection directly into a BMS.


A six zone leak detection controller or a remote alarm annunciator.


Single zone leak detection that monitors up to 1,000 feet of sensing cable.


Single zone leak detection that monitors up to 300 feet of sensing cable.


WiNG wireless leak detection; accepts sensing cable, SD-Z, or SD-Z1.

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