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Improve Airflow with Raised Floors and Containment

Capacity and Flow Calculations · Panel Requirements and Placement · Monitoring Options
Plug Holes · Deal with Obstructions · Level Floors and Weight Ratings

Rob Huttemann, Senior Vice President of Operations, CEG, and Tim Hirschenhofer, Senior Vice President of Operations, RLE Technologies, recently pooled their years of data center and energy optimization experience to discuss best practices for optimizing raised floor airflow. Learn how effective containment and airflow management work together to dramatically improve data center energy efficiency.

Rob and Tim discuss a variety of topics including:

  • The 4 R’s of Airflow Management – R is for Raised Floor
  • The role raised floors play in aisle containment
  • How to manage bypass air at the floor level
  • How to match cooling capacity with IT load
  • How floor panels affect airflow management
  • Best practices for managing airflow capacity & volume in a contained aisle

RLE products highlighted in this presentation include:


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