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Wireless Building Monitoring System Products

Why Choose WiNG?

WiNG is RLE’s wireless monitoring solution. It’s a robust, responsive, cost effective solution to the marketspace.  WiNG is a feature-rich solution that has quickly emerged as a customer favorite:

  1. It features a battery life that is second-to-none: up to 12 years at room temperatures.
  2. It has an industry-leading transmission range: up to 600′ indoor, direct line of sight.  Range extenders (WiNG-RXT) add up to 1,000′ direct line of sight range to a WiNG system.
  3. We provide open protocols for unlimited integration via Modbus, BACnet, and SNMP.
  4. There are no recurring fees. Once you buy the device it’s all yours, and firmware updates that add new features are always free.
  5. WiNG boasts greater than 98% packet transmission accuracy – real time, accurate data at your fingertips!

Check out our new product offering, available now!

WiNG-MGR Wireless monitoring with unprecedented sensor range


Wireless monitoring with unprecedented sensor range and battery life.



Wireless monitoring with unprecedented sensor range, battery life, and mapping.

PoE Kit for 24V RLE Products


24VDC PoE solution for use with designated RLE products.

WiNG-MGR DRM (back)


Use this bracket to quickly and securely mount a WiNG-MGR on a 35mm DIN rail.


Leverage protocols to integrate WiNG wireless sensors directly into a BMS.


An extra boost for WiNG signals in complex environments.

WiNG-RXT PoE Kit, Assembled


Power over ethernet (PoE) connector kit for use with the WiNG-RXT.

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