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New firmware has been released for the WiNG-MGR v2. Note that this firmware is for the WiNG-MGR v2 and is NOT compatible with the WiNG-MGR. Firmware files are available on our Firmware Updates and MIB Files page. Firmware Updates and MIB Files page Firmware Release Notes – WiNG-MGR v2

RLE’s services division is like having a dedicated RLE employee on your team – bringing all the experience and expertise of an RLE professional right into your organization whenever you need them! RLE offers a variety of services designed to help you maximize the capabilities of your leak detection and environmental monitoring systems. Bundled together … Continued

New firmware has been released for the LD5200 and LD2100.  Firmware files are available on our Firmware Updates and MIB Files page. Firmware Updates and MIB Files page Firmware Release Notes – LD5200 Firmware Release Notes – LD2100

RLE is proud to announce that we are now a CGNA Preferred Vendor. If you’re a CGNA member, purchasing RLE products just became that much easier! Mike Hadt will be doing a live webinar on November 4th to introduce our leak detection products to the CGNA community, and he’d love to see all you CGNA … Continued

Building pressure is the difference between the outside air supplied to a building and the air removed from inside a building.  Typically, facilities managers are trying to achieve a building with slight positive building pressure, meaning more air is supplied to the building than is removed from the building. Negative Pressure Indicators Negative building pressure … Continued

We talk about how easy it is to implement monitoring in your facility with the F200, but we also know seeing is believing.  Take a look at this quick video that demonstrates how to set up and configure the F200 – all in less than five minutes!

Our Director of Finance, Debbie Imel, was a remote employee long before Coronavirus became a part of our daily vocabulary. She’s in our Fort Collins offices several times a month and her smile, positive outlook, baking skills, and accounting expertise are legendary. We are all a shade happier when we pull into the RLE parking … Continued

Looking for a quick overview of our WiNG and WIFI wireless products? You’ve come to the right place! Cam Rogers has just released his newest video, highlighting the features and advantages of WiNG and WIFI. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in, get a quick lesson on the ins and outs of WiNG!

RLE Adds Wireless Air Velocity Sensors to WiNG Platform RLE’s WiNG wireless facility monitoring products came onto the scene almost 18 months ago, and the market’s acceptance and implementation of these products has been phenomenal. A proprietary wireless platform that features a wide variety of sensors, a web interface designed to keep the most relevant … Continued

Monitor Temperature and Humidity Via Your Wi-Fi Network As Wi-Fi technology evolves to become cheaper, more reliable, and more secure, we’ve noticed that many of our customers are using Wi-Fi to power their networks.  RLE Technologies has noticed this emerging trend as well and has developed the WIFI-TH, a wireless temperature and humidity sensor that … Continued

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