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RLE Adds Wireless Air Velocity Sensors to WiNG Platform

RLE’s WiNG wireless facility monitoring products came onto the scene almost 18 months ago, and the market’s acceptance and implementation of these products has been phenomenal. A proprietary wireless platform that features a wide variety of sensors, a web interface designed to keep the most relevant information close at hand, and open protocols for unlimited integration, has proven hard to beat in the global marketplace.  Most notably, customers who have purchased and installed WiNG are coming back to order more systems.  Customers love WiNG sensors because they feature:

  • A battery life up to 12 years at room temperature
  • Up to 600 feet indoor, direct line of sight transmission range
  • 98% packet transmission accuracy
  • A compact footprint

Now RLE has another addition to this popular line of wireless sensors – air velocity sensors.

Poor or obstructed airflow can significantly affect cooling performance and lead to equipment failure.  It’s important to detect when your equipment is getting hot, and it’s just as important to know why.  RLE now offers a suite of air velocity sensors, compatible with the WiNG-MGR and BMS-WiNG controllers, so you can choose just the right sensor for your application:

WiNG-AIR sensors are available in both 900MHz and 868MHz configurations and are in stock and ready to ship today!


Click here to learn more about RLE’s WiNG products.

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