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F200 DRM

Facility Monitoring, Right Where You Need It

Every facility monitoring installation is unique – that’s why we’ve designed a DIN rail mount bracket to fit our popular F200 controller.

Quick, Secure Installation

Now you can safely and securely mount a F200 to any 35mm DIN rail with this custom designed powder coated steel bracket. Just place the long folded metal edge on top of the DIN rail, and then press until the mounting tabs at the bottom of the mount click into place.

Key Features

  • Fits any 35mm DIN rail
  • High quality construction
  • Custom designed by RLE’s engineering team to fit the F200
  • Powder coated steel ensures durability and reliability, and matches the F200 enclosure.
  • Snaps into place for a secure installation

F200 DRM Specifications

Materials: Powder coated steel

DIN Rail Compatibility: Fits 35mm DIN rail

Dimensions and Weight: 5.48”W x 1.30”D (13.93cmW x 3.30cmD)

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