Sweet Home Colorado RLE’s like a family, and while we love to travel – seeing familiar faces and making connections with new customers – it’s always fun when the whole crew is together under one roof.  Our sales staff has … Continued

A Near Meltdown It was the culmination of a year of frustration. John Dolinga, Telecommunications and Network Systems Analyst for the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team, had selected an environmental monitoring system for his facility. “We had been working … Continued

by Cam Rogers Ah, BICSI Tampa.  The sun.  The surf.  The warm weather.  An engaging trade show that provides awesome leads.  What more can two sales guys from Colorado hope for in January? (Did we mention the warm(ish) weather?) RLE … Continued

Penny Wealth (There’s A Point To This, We Promise) Here’s a little exercise that you’ve probably come across before: Take a penny. Double it. What do you have? Two cents, of course. Now double that two cents. What do you … Continued

It’s BICSI time again – the 40th BICSI Conference and Exhibition will be held from January 20 – 24 in Tampa, Florida.  RLE has attended this conference for several years now, and we’re very excited to leave the Colorado deep … Continued

An Environmental Evolution (without Darwin or finches) So, we’ve talked a little bit about RLE’s company mindset before, but here’s a brief recap of the story of RLE: In 1984, there was a little company that decided to try to … Continued

What a great week for RLE! First, we hit a major revenue goal. Yep, that’s us, looking great and celebrating the record-setting shipment.  It’s so rewarding to see everyone pull together to hit a major goal. Smiles all around and … Continued