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Due to a chip shortage, the WiNG-MGR v2 is currently out of stock and not available for purchase. The original WiNG-MGR is currently shipping and supports all WiNG and WIFI sensors and integrates seamlessly with BMS systems. Click HERE for more information and a detailed list of changes between the WiNG-MGR and WiNG-MGR V2.

The Wireless Monitoring Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

RLE has revolutionized the wireless sensor market with the launch of the WiNG wireless platform.

A complete system of sensors, gateway manager, and range extenders monitors your facility for changes in conditions including temperature, humidity, conductive fluid leaks, and dew point and allows you to fine tune your environment to meet energy efficiency goals, maintain optimal equipment performance parameters, and ensure your facility is operating as expected.

A UI That Highlights Information You Need

The WiNG-MGR receives and aggregates signals from WiNG sensors. This data is displayed on a sleek web interface, accessible from any browser or mobile device.

Designed to keep the most relevant information close at hand, the web interface provides direct alarm notification which allows users to quickly and effectively locate areas of concern. The WiNG-MGR will also send email alarm notifications and provide trending information to help pinpoint potential trouble spots in any monitored areas.

Open Protocols For Unlimited Integration

An open protocol approach streamlines communications and allows the WiNG-MGR to easily integrate into larger BMS and NMS systems via SNMP, Modbus, or BACnet.

There are no licensing fees and as our firmware evolves you can update your WiNG-MGR to ensure your unit always has the newest features.

Designed With Your Facility’s Security In Mind

WiNG sensors communicate directly – and only – with a WiNG-MGR or WiNG-RXT utilizing small, proprietary packets in the 900MHz or 868MHz frequency range.

WiNG sensors are not Wi-Fi based, do not have IP addresses, and do not utilize IP communications.  This means they cannot connect to your company’s Wi-Fi network and ensures that they cannot be used as unauthorized wireless access points.

Still have questions or concerns about the security features of our WiNG system?  Click here to read an article written by RLE’s Engineering Team that takes a deeper look into how the WiNG wireless systems works and why we believe this solution offers customers a superior experience over wired sensor connections.

12 Year Battery Life

WiNG temperature and temperature/humidity sensors are compact and unobtrusive, yet provide an industry leading battery life – sensor batteries will last up to 12 years at room temperatures. WiNG sensors maintain this extended battery life while communicating readings to the WiNG-MGR every 10-20 seconds.

Industry-Leading Transmission Range

The WiNG system has an unprecedented transmission range: up to 600 feet indoor, direct line of sight.

While this range is more than ample for most situations, sometimes applications require signals to be pushed through more complex physical or noisy RF environments. The WiNG-RXT range extender can be implemented in these situations to add up to 1,000 feet direct line of sight transmission distance to the application.

Key Features

  • Proprietary wireless design
  • Available in 868MHz and 900MHz configurations
  • A transmission range between manager and sensors that is second to none:
    • Up to 100 feet (30.5m) through multiple walls
    • Up to 270 feet (82.3m) through one wall
    • Up to 600 feet (183m) direct line of sight
    • Add up to 1,000 feet (305m) direct line of sight with a WiNG-RXT range extender
  • Unparalleled sensor battery life:
    • Up to 5 years across full operating range: -13°F to 185°F (-25°C to 85°C)
    • Up 8 years at temperatures up to 122°F (50°C)
    • Up to 12 year battery life at room temperature
  • Support 250 sensors on a single manager, up to 400 sensors with range extenders
  • Open protocols support integration with BMS/NMS/DCiM via:
    • SNMP
    • Modbus
    • BACnet
  • Polling rate of 10-20 seconds
  • Web interface enables direct alarm notification and stand-alone operation
  • WiNG sensors monitor conditions including:
    • Temperature
    • Temperature/Humidity with optional calculated dew point
    • CO2
    • Leak detection cable or spot detectors
    • Digital input
    • Analog input
    • Thermistor
  • NO licensing fees – Firmware updates are available free of charge

WiNG-MGR v2 Specifications

Power: 24VAC @ 600mA max, 50/60Hz, 24VDC @ 600mA max.

Included Equipment: WiNG-MGR v2, PSWA-DC-24 power supply, antennas, rack mount tabs

Wired Relay Outputs: Two (2) Dry Contact, Form C, 1A @ 24VDC resistive, 0.5A @ 120VAC

Maximum Number of Wireless Sensors Per Manager: RLE recommends not exceeding 250 sensors per WiNG-MGR; 400 sensors per WiNG-MGR may be accomplished with range extenders, but signal conflict will increase.

Communications: Available in 868MHz or 900MHz configurations

  • Ethernet: 10/100 BASE-T, RJ45 connector; 500VAC RMS isolation
  • RS232: DB9 female connector; 9600 baud; no parity; 8 data bits; 1 stop bit
  • EIA-485: 1200, 2400, 9600 or 19200 baud (selectable); no parity; even or odd; 8 data bits; 1 stop bit
  • USB: Serial port emulation for diagnostics; 115200 baud; no parity; 8 data bits; 1 stop bit


  • TCP/IP, HTML, TFTP, SNMP: V1: V2C MIB-2 compliant; NMS Manageable with Get; IPv4; IPv6
  • Modbus (EIA-485): Modbus Server; RTU mode; Supports function codes 03
  • Modbus TCP/IP: Modbus Server; TCP/IP transmission protocol
  • BACnet/IP: ASHRAE STD 135-2004 Annex J
  • BACnet/MSTP: EIA-485
  • Terminal Emulation (RS232): VT100 compatible

Wireless Interface: Proprietary protocol from sensors to manager/range extender; mesh backbone between manager and range extender; appropriate receivers for configuration (868MHz or 900MHz), RP/SMA connectors for 868MHz-928MHz antennas.

Login Security: Web browser access (Ethernet); 8 users and passwords can be configured

Data Trending

  • Temperature: Records temperature data at 5 minute intervals; daily records; retains 30 days of information
  • Temperature/Humidity: Records temperature and humidity data at 10 minute intervals; daily records; retains 30 days of information

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 32ºF to 140ºF (0ºC to 60ºC)
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% RH (Non-condensing)
  • Altitude: 15,000 ft (4572m) max.; 9,842ft (3000m) max. if applying more than 150V, 50/60Hz to relays from overvoltage category II circuit

Storage Temperature: -4ºF to 185ºF (-20ºC to 85ºC)

Mounting: Desktop, rack mount (tabs included)

Dimensions and Weight: 9.7”W x 4.8”D x 1.8”H (24.6cmW x 12.2cmD x 4.6cmH), 2.7lb (1.23kg)

Certifications: ETL listed; CE; conforms to UL 61010-1, EN 61010, EN 61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3; ETSI EN 301 489-1, ETSI EN 301 489-3; IEC 61326-1; certified to CSA C22.2 #61010; FCC X7J-A11072401, MCQ-XB900HP, and 47CFR 15B; IC 8975A-A11072401, 1846A-XB900HP, and ICES-003; RoHS compliant

Wondering what version of the WiNG-MGR you have?

  • The WiNG-MGR was manufactured and shipped prior to 11/16/2020 and are currently shipping again now. They are  silkscreened with WiNG-MGR on the front of the unit.  The web interface has a WiNG-MGR logo in the upper left corner of the page.
  • WiNG-MGR v2 units are currently unavailable due to a chip shortage. They shipped between 11/17/2020 and 07/14/2021 and are clearly designated as v2 on the hardware and the user interface.

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