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RLE’s sophisticated technologies protect your valuable resources and operations.  Whether you need to monitor a single room or building complexes across multiple locations, we can customize a solution for your unique facility requirements. Reduce Risk, Save Money Contingency plans and insurance cover damage that has already occurred. Instant leak notification prevents damage from occurring in … Continued

As you install your leak detection system, we would like to highlight some of our accessories that can make your job easier and your leak detection system more effective. X-Connector X-Connector for easy cable branching (two end-of-line terminators are included) The X-Connector (X-CON) allows for branching of SeaHawk sensing cable and non-sensing cable. With one … Continued

What makes RLE Technologies’ patented SeaHawk Conductive Fluid Sensing Cable so special? It’s all in the mesh. An open problem Spot-leak detectors are a good solution for confined areas such as drip pans. But these detectors fall short when organizations must deal with an open area in which fluid flow is difficult to predict. RLE’s … Continued

RLE Technologies customers often want to use our SD-R01 spot detector to drive an external load, like an audible alarm or a pump.  RLE does not currently have a leak detection product with a powered output. The SD-R01, like other RLE Technologies leak detection products, has a non-powered output: a Form C relay output. The … Continued

RLE® Technologies, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, announces the release of the SeaHawk™ LD2100. The LD2100 is an update to the SeaHawk™ LD2000 controller and expands on its existing technology by improving several capabilities and introducing advanced new features. The LD2100 is a distance-read leak detection controller designed to function as either a stand-alone device … Continued

Previously, we discussed how to secure SeaHawk leak detection cable, or sensing cable, to floors and other surfaces (see Securing SeaHawk Leak Detection Cable to Floors). Another important tip is to be careful when installing the cable near air conditioners. Condensation can cause false leak alarms. If the cable must be installed near an air … Continued

Are you installing SeaHawk leak detection cable (sensing cable) and looking to find the best way to keep the cable where you want it? Secure SeaHawk leak detection cable (sensing cable) to the floor with J-clips (RLE part number JC). J-clips are designed specifically for use with SeaHawk sensing cable. In addition, you can use … Continued

While our patented sensing cable virtually eliminates false alarms from contamination, proper installation can further decrease the chances of false alarms. False alarms that signal a contamination or leak cause unnecessary hassle to the people who must respond to them. And like the story about the boy who cried wolf, false alarms can desensitize your … Continued

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