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Full facility mapping now available in a leak detection controller. Fort Collins, CO, April, 2012.  RLE Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the SeaHawk LD5200.  The LD5200 expands upon the innovative technology utilized by its predecessor, the LD5100, and is the the latest addition to a popular line of distance-read leak detection controllers. … Continued

Water damage caused by leaks can cause serious damage over time if not treated. Water damage can cause all sorts of problems to data centers and mission critical facilities, and if not caught in time by water leak detectors, can cost these businesses millions of dollars worth of damage.  Behind electrical failure, water leaks are … Continued

A data-center can’t afford a fluid leak of any kind. In fact, water leaks alone are the second most common cause of data loss, right behind electrical failure, of course. And while you may think that your data center is secure, a fluid leak could happen at any time and could come from anywhere. Water … Continued

No two leak detection applications are alike – that’s why RLE has developed a family of leak detection controllers, designed to fit a wide variety of applications.  Discover which product is right for you. Zone leak detection is ideal for small, contained spaces, or for open areas where the path of a potential leak cannot … Continued

RLE’s sophisticated technologies protect your valuable resources and operations.  Whether you need to monitor a single room or building complexes across multiple locations, we can customize a solution for your unique facility requirements. Reduce Risk, Save Money Contingency plans and insurance cover damage that has already occurred. Instant leak notification prevents damage from occurring in … Continued

As you install your leak detection system, we would like to highlight some of our accessories that can make your job easier and your leak detection system more effective. X-Connector X-Connector for easy cable branching (two end-of-line terminators are included) The X-Connector (X-CON) allows for branching of SeaHawk sensing cable and non-sensing cable. With one … Continued

What makes RLE Technologies’ patented SeaHawk Conductive Fluid Sensing Cable so special? It’s all in the mesh. An open problem Spot-leak detectors are a good solution for confined areas such as drip pans. But these detectors fall short when organizations must deal with an open area in which fluid flow is difficult to predict. RLE’s … Continued

RLE Technologies customers often want to use our SD-R01 spot detector to drive an external load, like an audible alarm or a pump.  RLE does not currently have a leak detection product with a powered output. The SD-R01, like other RLE Technologies leak detection products, has a non-powered output: a Form C relay output. The … Continued

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