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RLE Technologies announces the release of new firmware for the Falcon FMS facility monitoring appliance. Firmware version 8.6.16 includes several new enhancements to the Falcon’s new interactive mapping features. A full list of changes is below. Click here to download the new FMS firmware.   List of changes to FMS firmware v8.6.16: 8.6.11A Added enumerated … Continued

RLE® Technologies, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, announces the release of the SeaHawk™ LD2100. The LD2100 is an update to the SeaHawk™ LD2000 controller and expands on its existing technology by improving several capabilities and introducing advanced new features. The LD2100 is a distance-read leak detection controller designed to function as either a stand-alone device … Continued

Fort Collins, CO – RLE Technologies announces the release of the Raptor Protocol Converter (FDS-PC), a solution that enables communication between equipment and systems that employ differing protocols. The Protocol Converter connects directly to equipment and converts the SNMP, BACnet, and Modbus protocols to one or more of these same protocols for integration into a … Continued

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